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My name is Antonio Jose, originally from Cordoba but now living in Madrid.  I’m currently working as Freelance Videographer in Madrid producing corporates videos, eventscommercials and interviews.  I also work for clients such as, Real Madrid TV, Telecinco, Cuatro and much more.

My passions are photography, cinema and travelling, as well as getting to know new cultures and that is what motivated me to live abroad for a couple of years.

I’m more than happy to fully face any project related to the audiovisual concept. Do not hesitate to propose to me new challenges.



As freelance videographer in Madrid, I do services such as video editing, shooting and directing photography. I have my own professional gear which allows me to produce (edit and shoot) events, corporates, commercials, interviews and audiovisuals in general. I also work with more camera operators and technicians in case that you need more people in your project.


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Video Branded Content

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Where I normally work as videographer in Madrid, I also work as photographer. In most of the cases, when photography and videography are required, I can provide one of the photographers of my team.

I love carrying my camera with me everywhere I go. Where portraits and travel photography attract my attention, I am more than happy to work as an event photographer and much more.   You can see some examples here.

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My services as freelance will help you to manage and produce the audiovisual content that you need in Madrid or all over Europe. The location of your project will never be a problem for me. These services will go from shooting and video editing, to the full audiovisual cover of events and conventions, corporates, commercials and interviews

The importance of audiovisual content on the internet is becoming more relevant and complex nowadays. Therefore, the management and realisation of this content for; your website, social networks or your web-multimedia design; will be one of the services that can fit the needs of your business.

It is worth mentioning that I have plenty of professional gear such as, cameras, lighting, gimbals, sliders, sound, microphones and much more. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more details about my equipment. I also count on a team that allows me to accomplish more ambitious and bigger projects.

Years of experience as freelance and cameraman have helped me to create a networking group with other professional colleagues that I can mutually collaborate with when your project requirements need it. In addition, numerous international companies have trusted my services.


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